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We help Independent Entrepreneurs find Fulfillment in Creating the Business of Their dreams Plans.

Whether you are a newbie, part-time solopreneur or independent business owner with over $10M in sales per year, we have provided services to fit the individual needs since 2001.

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  • More Clients Today: 47 Free & Cheap Premium Client Sources & The Simple Strategies to Get Even More Clients Starting Today [$10]

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    Get your next client today by applying one of the 47 different sources described in this book. Do you feel as though getting new clients, customers, students, members, patients or donors is getting more expensive and difficult?Do you feel like you are living in the shadow of your competition? Never again be concerned about where your next client will come from or about what your competition is doing. By implementing these premium client sources you will join the top 1% of your market and have more than enough clients to draw from.Matthew J Peters shows both seasoned marketing professionals and entrepreneurial newbies how to find and attract buyers and investors in premium programs and services you offer. Don’t go after cold leads, attract prospects committed to their success. Investing in this book will give you simple yet powerful strategies and tactics to create multiple streams of clients. In short, learn to attract and connect with buyers who are the perfect fit for your premium products and services. Get it on

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  • Elevation Foundations of Preeminence $297 [More Information]
    • Create the foundation of your message so you can finally share your voice with power in the marketplace.
    • 2-hours of action + 1 implementation 1-1 coaching call with Matthew
  • Elevation 10 Week Action Group [Get More Info Here]
    • 10 weeks of training, action &accountabilityy
    • Focused on creating more power in your communication & profit
    • Become aligned with delivering only what brings you fulfillment*

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  • Elevation 4-Day Experience (12 men & women)
    • August, September, October 2018 [Apply]

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  • Ascension Production Program [Get More Info Here]
    • 6-week program
    • Director Strategy & Co-production
    • Media Syndication
  • Market Preeminence Video Production [More Info Here]
    • 1 Year of Value & Profit-Focused Marketing Media Produced For You
    • Pro Authority Media Production & Syndication

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  • Platinum Level business group [Apply]