Our Teams as Your Team

We are THE Authority Syndication Agency. 

From concept to completion the Asynd creative and marketing teams are focused on producing the highest quality media, raising your status, and syndicating that media onto every major social media outlet for unmatched, organic visibility on a global scale.

Our marketing team shines the spotlight on your mastery and creates impactful messages that resonate with the top 10% of your market that you desire to work with.

They work with you in developing compelling calls to action that pull your ideal prospects into taking the next steps into working with you; be it to download a free video or audio series, checklist, blueprint or register for your pre-recorded webinar, ALL of your media will point viewers, listeners and readers back to your profit funnel to collect an email, follow through with them over the next several days and even offer them next steps right then and there when they are the hottest.

Your media is a reflection of the level you serve your clients at. We highlight the platinum-level you choose to serve your clients at.

Premium media is 100% congruent with your premium products of $2,000, $5,000 $25,000 and more. 

Bridges over walls

In a world divided between designers who focus on beauty and awards and marketers who focus solely on revenue and could care less about elegance, Asynd bridges both worlds.

It’s about you serving even more people

We powerfully merge the strengths of Asynd with specialists and experts who have chosen to focus on their life’s work.  

With our expertise in messaging, media production and syndication and your dedication to the mastery of your craft, you are unstoppable – the only direction is up.

If you have pursued your mission for 10 or more years and assist people in getting consistent results in ethical ways, you are our potential client.

As an expert, you have a body of applied knowledge dozzens or hundreds of times, qualifying you an authority on your subject.

The challenge is that many subject authorities serve far fewer people than their potential due to the lack of clear, compelling, high-value messages that can be found and shared by people outside their current network.

Within their network, they are recognized, but outside the network is 99.99% of the potential people you could be serving.

Asynd helps you organize your body of knowledge and experience into segments of high-value content that is uber-relevant to your ideal prospects.

We focus on helping our clients on two main fronts; Audio-based and Video-based content. Either route we take, we maximize the content you create to be available to as many prospective clients in as many ways as possible.


Audio is the perfect medium for those who prefer to not be on camera, yet have high-value content and expertise they desire to share. Audio set up is simple and requires no special lighting, dedicated studio nor sophisticated camera knowhow. Simply a high-quality microphone and a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a quiet room.

We start with a content marketing strategy that is directed toward those in your market with the intent to invest in themselves and improving their situation.  This is key, yet many people go into podcasting without this in mind.

We chose the podcast show format to nudge you to regularly create content either on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. It’s that expectation and accountability that people are counting on listening to your regular program that keeps the busy experts going.

These podcast episodes are syndicated across 12-14 major podcast channels and social media platforms meeting your potential prospects where they are at, then encouraging them to take the next steps in getting to know your work and how it directly applies to their situation.

Your audio doesn’t stop at your podcast though. We take further actions to transcribe your audio file, then summarize it into a brief, 600-800 word document that is easily readable and scannable for those who prefer reading over listening. We even take that summary and create a blog post on your blog for you!

Every episode you create also includes a unique graphic – giving you a new image for your social media channels for every episode you create – on-brand imagery with episode-specific text perfect for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With every episode produced, you have audio on the top podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio and many more expanding your reach and influence multiple ways. One simple audio recording becomes 14 or more pieces of media.

You’ll also have consistent blog posts with a 600-800 word summary of your podcast episode, including a podcast player embedded into your blog post, and even calls to action for listeners and readers alike to take the next step into working with you.

Once we set everything up, you get to remain in the expert position and simply

  1. Press Record
  2. Talk
  3. Click upload to our server

That’s it – we handle everything else! You go back to working on your business and serving your clients, you’ll see podcast episodes, blog posts, social media posts and even leads generated from your podcast.


Video is the best medium to start with. Once your message is captured on video, you will have the visual and audio of your message, yes, but many forget that from that same video, we can create your podcast, social media posts, blog posts, weekly email blasts, and even magazine articles.

How it works. We create a content marketing strategy that is directed toward those in your market with the intent to invest in themselves and improving their situation. When one doesn’t get this right, everything following is null and void.

We schedule a production date where we capture professional photos of you, then between 40-60 videos of you in a day and a half production.

Once we are done recording, you head back home, serve your clients and build your business and we go to work for you, creating hundreds of segments of high-quality, relevant and compelling content that is scheduled to be released regularly throughout the coming months on over a dozen channels.

Distance is no obstacle. We serve people globally from our headquarters in Sarasota, FL, USA. Our furthest client ecstatic about this service is in Perth, Australia. We created 

This product is a best fit for those with coaching and consulting packages $10,000 on up. We receive reports back from clients who have invested in this program that their investment was recouped within days or a few weeks from our launch date. We even have feedback from clients of the Infinity program that 5 years later that their media is still bringing them clients.

This is truly legacy content. One of our dear clients of The Infinity Program has recently graduated from this life. Even so, their videos, audios, articles, magazine, and books continue to spread the light of their message on and on.

Why it works

We finally up-level your online presence with new imagery across all of your social media platforms, you have new professional photos, your videos are cinematic in quality, captured and edited by an Emmy Award-winning team, your high-value content is out on every major platform – each reiterating your expertise, willingness to serve first and providing a compelling call to action with simple, next steps for your viewers, listeners and readers to take.

Prospects opt-in with their email address to receive their next steps from you (a free recording, PDF guide, blueprint, checklist, and recorded webinar are popular) and then are offered a free call to schedule with you to see if you and they are a good fit to work with each other.

We even set up your free offer funnel for you so you can collect leads, we set up your first 4-5 follow-through emails that automatically send out to prospects and connect your call request form to your Google Calendar or iCal so prospects can book directly into dedicated times in your calendar without any awkward back and forth emails.

The Rolex Experience

When you own a Rolex, you admire its function, precision, and elegance, but you never have to open it up, adjust any of the hundreds of pieces to clean it, nor do you even need to understand how it works; you know what it does and like a Rolex, The Infinity Program will continue working for you year, after year, after year delivering to you prospects, like clockwork.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are great, but there is zero legacy with paid ads. When the payments stop, the lights go out and the traffic stops cold.

On the other hand, the media we create with you in The Infinity Program are not paid media ads. It is organic content that has a legacy effect.

Some clients choose to boost their favorite pieces of media, but it isn’t necessary to succeed.

There is no need to keep feeding the meter as with ads; once your content is up as a YouTube video, a LinkedIn post, an iTunes podcast or a blog post on your website, it is cataloged by platforms and search engines to be delivered as relevant content in future searches for years to come.

This program is for experts and specialists who are ready to step into their greatness and expand their worldwide platform with elegance and excellence that will stand the test of time; attracting high-level prospects for years to come.

Additional Services

  • Magazine:
    Full color printed magazine featuring you on the cover. A magazine is better than a book because it is visually attractive, instantly credible and easily digestible in 10-20 minutes.

    It’s a snap to share with others and distribute at events. Your articles are spread throughout the magazine with short articles of other high-level entrepreneurs as well. We highlight your calls to action at the end of your posts to maximize engagement.

    We also create a digital version of the magazine that can be shared online. This online magazine features live links to your offers and pages – one click from the online magazine to your funnel.
  • Funnel Buildout:
    We will create your funnel continuous with your fresh look. 
    • Optin Page + Video of you inviting them to opt-in 
    • Thank You Page + Video of you inviting them to a call with you
    • Short form page (WordPress or WuFoo form)
    • Calendar integration (TimeTrade, Calendly or similar)
    • Integration with your email broadcasting service (Aweber, MailChimp or Active Campaign, etc.)
    • Create a 5 HTML email sequence as a follow-through to the email opt-in; each email with calls to action leading the reader back to the invitation to the call.
  • Daily Posts:
    • 6 Additional social media posts per week for 52 weeks
    • Post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Business Page, and LinkedIn
    • 4x Per week, high-quality image memes with client quotes from video content
    • 1x Per week, one-minute audio clip from the video as a waveform video
    • 1x Per week, a one-minute video excerpt from video per week
    • Branding and .com embedded in the meme, audio, and video graphics
    • The description includes text from meme and call to action
  • 8-12 Week Video-Based Membership Program
    • Capture up to 20 direct-to-camera training videos at one location
      • Training module videos
      • Direct-to-camera sales video 
      • Member welcome video
    • Video post-production (editing, graphics, music)
    • Embedding videos into membership site of choice
    • Include .pdfs of summaries and client-furnished notes
    • Include .mp3 of video content
    • Accompanying graphics for a membership site
    • Sales page layout (client furnished text)
    • Scheduling video drip rate
  • Client Testimonials as Memes
    • 10 finished client testimonial memes
    • Custom branded photoshop template
    • High Quality image of client
    • Best excerpt of the testimonial embedded in the meme
    • Client branding