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The videos we created have helped to make me over 6 figures in a month within 30 days of making them. They were an integral part of creating my branding message. Your expertise made the process simple, fun and professional.”


Declan Barnett
“Matthew is the mentor that supported me in the launch of my mission so powerfully into the world in order to serve the lives that were waiting for the message that I was granted to steward in this life; a message that before working with Matthew, I had no idea how to give a structured voice to. Through his support and honest feedback I found that I had a blockage of delivering my mission powerfully. I was shocked to find out that this unnoticed blockage had my message scattered all over the place.”

Ivonne Delaflor
"I know that with these videos people will be able to see me, they'll be able to recognize the expertise that I have and that's going to help build that trust, which will ultimately lead to more business for me. ...Credibility, believability and more authority, is just paramount today because people are so skeptical online."

Jason Hornung
"Matthew's strategies enabled me to generate more leads from my videos than I had with any other lead generation. I could implement what he taught me right away. Once I posted my first video I got 10 opt ins and 3 strategy sessions within the first 2 minutes of posting! The result from that one video was 4 new clients."

Jessica Maguire
I felt like I was being weak; a weak leader, a weak trainer, a weak mentor. Matthew really holds you to the fire, he pushes you. He doesn’t put up with mediocrity. I just held an event and from what I learned from Matthew, I overdelivered so much, and came through so powerfully, that I’m going to hold another one for 10 times the cost of the first one! 30 spots and 12 people already signed up! Eight of those people were from the [event I just held]! And this is just my second event!"

Michael Gebben
“I started working with Matthew because of his integrity and the way I see him show up in both life and business. Right away I felt just how much he cares about me and the other people he coaches. I've worked with handfuls of coaches and taken lots of programs over the years and it wasn't until my 8 weeks with Matthew that I started taking the radical action and getting the result I always wanted. And I mean ACTION--the kind that's a little scary but that you do anyways. I took more action in 6 weeks working with Matthew than I did in the last 6 months in my business! I never felt judged and I always felt excited to move forward. You know when people say..."He's the real deal!"!?...that statement stands with Matthew. He really is. I feel appreciative and amped up after working with him--ready to continue to show up and kick butt!”

Libby Crow
“If you're not implementing video into your business right now or you have few views, and you want to turn views into paying clients, then Matthew is the guy to go to. I have people reach out to me and say, "Simon, I watched your videos, and that's the reason I hired you." Big thank you to Matthew Peters; he rocks! I look forward to working with him again soon.”

Simon Lovell
"Since working with you my life has completely changed. I'm working on my second virtual summit (the first and only in the field so far). My list of 2,100 subscribers last time brought in $42K! I also have a membership program that now has grown to 125 monthly members on an internal launch only! I've run 3 online courses in addition and have an intensive mastermind group. Every day I get multiple communications telling me how I have changed clients' lives forever. Yes, I had a lot of knowledge and experience, but you taught me things it didn't know and even things I didn't want to know - mindset changes!"

Anonymity requested
"This has been a life changing journey for me, my students, and many other important people in my life. Thank you for helping me work out my feelings, intuition and dreams into a reality. The changes are now in motion and have impacted many lives profoundly and positively, and this is just the beginning!"

Diana Rowan
"The confession video I did was huge for me, personally and professionally. So many people reached out to me and commented on that and have invited me out to speak! It was a big relief to get that off my chest personally, and to get the motivation to take things to the next level… so I really got the push to take things to the next level, and I’m really excited on what is going to transpire now."

Jessica Louise Li
"Working with Matthew Peters has renewed my faith in an industry which has lost its heart of what service, results and a personal experiences were built on. Not only does Matthew genuinely listen, he cares and then gives you tangible and realistic strategies to implement. His ability to laser focus and hone in on exactly what I needed (not some generic cookie cutter response that in the past left me frustrated and going nowhere). His sensibility and sensitivity to get to the core of my challenges was exactly what I had been asking for."

Sarah-Jane Farell
"I haven’t known a marketing business that has a product that is so on target with what the client needs. What you offer is a beautiful thing. You transform lives. You transform people as well and you make it really easy for them.

Anthea Horvat
"To move forward, outside of my comfort zone and start creating my videos to share my vision and mission. The guidance, the clarity were helpful. It was made simple by following the simple steps and receive the feedback he gave me. He gave us the work, and held us accountable with his support.

Aura C
"I felt safe in quite challenging situations (showing up in video, to write public facebook posts) and to speak up in media and more in personal communications. To be me, to be more creative, courageous and seek more clarity everywhere. I became more confident, more responsible and started to think more globally. To me it was best training I ever had THANK YOU, MATTHEW, WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!

Aušra Reta Usha
I remember about 8+ years ago, I was awkwardly asking for people to help me in the Social Media direction. As I was asking these questions I didn't even question about ROI, yet still knew ASYND had our best interest in mind. Matthew helped us to go to Multi-Million Multi Practice status.
If you are an authority, or seeking to be an authority in your field, you have to check out Asynd's creator Matthew J Peters. I have experienced him both as a person and as a director, and have the great privilege of being able to call him a dear friend, and my producer. His work is a always impeccable and brilliant works of art. He takes the brilliance of your raw material and makes you and your authentic message shine like the true diamonds you are.