Asynd is Authority Syndication

Establishing Market Preeminence
Through Syndicating Your Authority Presence

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Many online marketers go for the quick buck and use tacky techniques and inauthentic language to manipulate audiences into buying. Professional videographers will shoot beautiful video of you, yet when it comes to the marketing angle, they are clueless leaving you with a video commercial or a few videos that fall short of your profit goals.

Asynd is different; we know you are in this for the long run and we are here to build a foundation of excellence and value while protecting your name and brand while focusing on big wins and profit.

We help each client craft the perfect message that resonates with the top 10% of ideal clients.  We gear every piece of media for maximum authority and prospect conversion.

In short, we offer the best of both worlds.

We know you are busy. The last thing you want to do is spend a few days a month creating content month after month hoping that what you do next sticks with enough people. It’s a gamble when you do it all alone.

That is why our clients come in for One and a Half Days of production where we capture everything we need for all of their marketing media for 12 months of weekly, focused, clear, compelling content that drives visitors to their one thing; their irresistible offer.

First, is a half-day professional photo shoot and pre-production meeting for the following day.

Day Two is your video production day. We know how to make you feel at ease, clear and composed as the authority you are. You will look and sound your very best.

The Asynd team interviews each candidate to see if and how we can build their platform to create market preeminence. Many of our clients have programs, products, and offerings that attract clients with a lifetime value of anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 or more.

Think Client Lifetime Value.
Think Growing Referrals.
Think Explosive Expansion.

We are certain that our programs are profitable for our clients and we are confident in every program we offer to qualified future clients.

What does the program process look like for our clients?

  • Once you have qualified, you begin with an in-depth onboarding process
  • You have access to coaching and consulting for 45-60 days leading up to the production date. This is our pre-production time where we research, prepare and rehearse content
  • Schedule 3 Phone calls over that time with your Executive Producer & Director so that you are confident and prepared for your production day
  • On the production day, you are given the royal treatment. Our crew and your director help you create a year of valuable content focused on authority and conversion. We utilize multiple HD Cinema Cameras to capture your message at a superior quality.
  • You will be given a full photo shoot for your graphics, magazine, etc.
  • Lastly, we celebrate your achievement of creating 45-70 videos in one day – more than enough fresh content for a year of marketing with a spectacular night out.
  • You return home and our team continues working so that you launch your powerful, new media presence within 14-29 days. This launch date depends completely on how responsive you are to the media proofs we provide for your review.

Our goal is for you to invest little time and have the maximum effect in the world with your message. Contact us at m@asynd.net for more information or call 941.877.2980

Here are some examples of the media these individuals created in that one and a half days or less with Asynd.*

*Note: All of this content was created for our clients with 1.5 days of their involvement – including their magazine and podcasts.


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Facebook Cover Art & YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel As it Appears On 65″ TV

iTunes Podcast Channel Artwork

Online Interactive Magazine

Our High-Quality Printed Magazine

After The Final Shot of The Production Day.
Clients creating as many as 75 videos with us in one sitting!
Now off to our VIP Celebration!

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Mark Boehmig

Dr. Ken Christian

Anthea Horvat

Brilliant Futures Institute

Cathy Palmer

Todd Gaster

Jason Hornung

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