Create a Financially Successful Business That is True to Your Heart, Know Exactly What To Do Next and Become Truly Wealthy and Influential Doing What You Love

In one of his recent business seminars, Tony Robbins quoted the startling statistic that “96% of all entrepreneurial endeavors FAIL” within a few short years.  

That means that only 4% are still open. "Open" doesn't mean that they are thriving, happy, or profitable it doesn’t even mean owners have enough cashflow to put food on their table! All it means is that they just have not officially filed the close of their business yet. 

It's pretty true that as in most areas of life there is a “1% that rule.”  

In business this is especially visible. The 1% are the titans that thrive both financially and influentially. They call the shots. They soak-up the spotlight.

But even many of these same titans of business struggle with depression and anxiety. Their mantra is, “Everyday I’m hustlin’.” They're always on; smartphone before family. Their kids are distant and even their significant other lives a separate life. 

You see, that 1% had arrived to the what some futurists call, “The Bright Life.” What is the bright life? It’s the dreams of the accumulation of stuff; recognition, cars, homes, vacations in the exotic places, kids going to the top schools… and yet, in the early morning hours they feel a kind of emptiness they would give all they have to fill. They want just a little more; then they may feel satisfied. 

In the immortal film, Citizen Kane, billionaire Charles Foster Kane looked back on everything he had built and the one thing he longed for was the simple life he had as a child and the joy he remembered from his famed snow sled… Rosebud. 

I will tell you from having millionaires as close friends, the majority of them arrived at the bright life and are not happy. 

What brings them happiness is The Brilliant Life. 

They neglected to follow their heart and choose thier future. They skipped the step where they thought long and hard about the ONE THING that so many of us avoid.

They have neglected their IDENTITY.

Marketers are notorious for 

Having it all stops at outward appearances of success. You can have all the stuff and still be empty. 

Serving, training, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners since 1999 has given me 18 years of experience. 

I want you to know almost all of them have leaned their ladder of success against the wrong wall. 

In every case (only 100% of the time), they really DO NOT WANT SUCCESS; they crave FULFILLMENT. 

You are here because you want fulfillment. 

  • Financial success 
  • A feeling of contribution 
  • Connection with others 
  • Knowing that you have some kind of security in your future 
  • Be more present with your family 
  • Joy in waking up doing what you do 
  • Contributing to the common good in everything you do 
  • Feeling congruent in your outer world as in your inner world 
  • Passion in your relationships and 
  • Recognition internally as well as externally that you are on the right track and that what you are doing is ultimately important and you have that satisfaction that you are now doing what you were born to do. 

However, since 1999, entrepreneurs have been sharing with me the same struggles. They find themselves in a loop.

Perk up for a moment and mentally check in and identify the ones that you feel down deep in your gut, in your soul, that resonate with your current situation.

In confidence these entrepreneurs tell me:

  • They are overworked and feel as though their work is never done
  • They are confused on what technologies to use so they invest in a lot of them
  • They get distracted easily by the next flashy program
  • They feel invisible in their marketplace
  • They succeed and immediately are looking for the next success to make them happy
  • They overspend to impress their friends and clients
  • They feel that they suck and are never going to be as good as the other guy/gal
  • They are frustrated with the lack of progress and profit
  • They have lost their vision
  • Their relationships with their significant other and children are dying
  • They ride an emotional rollercoaster up and down daily
  • Their income is inconsistent - more famine than feast
  • They often think about escaping through vacations, spending sprees or other distractions
  • They secretly use pain killers, illegal drugs and alcohol to de-stress
  • They lost the drive and the passion for what they are doing
  • They often wish they were doing something somebody else is doing who looks happy
  • They compare their internal situation with someone else’s external marketing hype
  • They have lost the faith of those close to them in the belief that they can "make it happen"

This may sound brutal, but this is the reality I hear throughout every, single, week. Believe it or not, many of the people you see as successful have times of deep depression and their bank accounts go way down. They go offline and regroup and try to make sense of it all. 

Why? They have everything they could possibly want, right? 

The big problem is that there is a gaping incongruence between who they are at their core and what they are doing for a business right now. 

The wider the mood swings and the income fluctuations, the wider the canyon between their reality and their true identity.

They think that by just making more money, THEN they will feel better about their life, their business, THEN they’ll get the attention and respect, THEN they’ll feel as though they have arrived.

Over the last 5 years I’ve take a keen interest in finding out what the hell is at the root of it all. 

Nobody wants to go through all of the pain, hard work, the emotional and financial rollercoaster only to still be dissatisfied with the life they have created. But they do.

We’ve traced it all back to a hand full of things.

Every year tens of thousands of people with education, talent, a love for people catch the entrepreneurial bug and decide to go out on their own.

Why do they do this? They want to... 

  • Create more freedom in their life, 
  • Work when they choose 
  • Work where they choose 
  • Do what they choose and 
  • Leverage their time so they are not exchanging their hours for dollars any longer.

It all sounds great, but what happens? 

Things are a far more difficult than they expected.

They strike out on their own without an experienced guide. 

They get lost.

Suddenly, they become desperate.

They begin doing everything and anything to make SOMETHING happen.

They need the money to survive so they begin looking outside themselves to see what “gurus” are doing and saying and begin to desire to have what other people have. To have what they have, they need to do what they do. To do what they do, they need to as they are. They lose their identity to become a lesser version of those who they mimic. 

The big problem for them is that most “gurus” are putting on a big facade in their marketing to show you the pretty side of what they are doing, they’re not showing you their setbacks and struggles, they’re not showing you the NET numbers, their not focusing on all of the work involved; they’re showing you a dream and selling you a fantasy.

The truth is, 

  • There is no magic bullet 
  • There are no one-click solutions
  • There is no overnight success
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a result

Here is the reality of it all.

The only way to get to where you want to go is to do the necessary work.


There is no avoiding it. There is no magic involved.

The best part of it is the necessary work can be done as quickly as you choose. There is no skipping past it to reach financial success and influence.

Here is the big but…

Even if you achieve your financial goals, your happiness may and will most likely suffer. Why?

Because you are working someone else’s template, not your own.

So, what is the solution? 

How do you become financially successful, improve your chances of having great relationships, having a lasting, dependable business, being a person of influence, being excited every day you wake up that you get to do what you do…

You choose to pursue FULFILLMENT.

What specifically is fulfillment?

Fulfillment is your outer world being in alignment with your inner world. It’s the all of financial success with the feeling that you are contributing the very essence of YOU, the you that you may have forgotten about. 

It’s the sigh of relief. It’s a feeling of coming home; every day being congruent and effective.

Think worldly, physical success through contributing to the world in a way that is uniquely and fully YOU.

We know that this is a journey and many changes and actions are needed to take another look at what we are doing and get back into alignment to who we are and build upon that.

This journey isn’t like driving down the freeway in a Ferrari at 120 miles an hour; it is the focus on building a foundation that you consciously choose through understanding YOU and what YOU want to create.

We liken this journey to a trek through the wilderness. One prepares for the destination through tracing the map, talking to guides, packing only what is needed, taking the binoculars and GPS in hand and beginning step by step. As you proceed, the fog lifts and the destination becomes clear in the distance.

It is not sexy, but it is real. It’s truth. You deserve nothing less than that.

Anything people are selling on entrepreneurial success is going to fall short. Why? Because they forget the crucial elements of having you answer the questions that get you to dig deep. 

They start with the surface ideas that you may have and give you tactics to apply to get you what they got. Few ever care enough to find out if it is in your best interest to hire them - or if the solution is the fit for your long term goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are making 7 figures or more a year or are making less than 5 figures a year; knowing who you are, where you are, what you want, where you are going and how you will serve, will ultimately bring you fulfillment while making more money helping a lot of other people.

It’s time to elevate your ideals. To elevate the questions you ask yourself.

Are you ready to go on a journey to design a future that will bring you fulfillment?

Introducing The Elevation Action Group

We’ve created an interactive group focused on taking consistent, daily actions toward outcomes you define. Those actions create trackable, predictable results while having a coach to teach and guide you while providing feedback on your progress. We call this The Elevation Action Group.

Active participants will: 

  • Gain a deep understanding of who they are and what will bring them fulfillment in the long run 
  • Develop crystal clarity of their self-determined mission, vision & purpose 
  • Attract even more clients naturally 
  • Rapidly grow their business & profits
  • Accomplish what you now believe to be unimaginable success in far less time through the Cut-To-The-Chase technique

Question 1: Who Does This Work For Best?

The Elevation Action Group is specially designed for Independent Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

If you are responsible for the vision, messaging, client acquisition and profit margins of your organization or your livelihood, and you also are helping people consistently get results, this Action Group is for you. 

Those who want to build financially-brilliant, debt-free businesses that impact the world and create cash reserves, this is for you.

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Creatives
  • Infopreneurs
  • Brick & Mortar Shops & Services
  • Content Creators
  • Authors
  • Mentors
  • Speakers
  • Doctors 
  • Professionals 
  • Healers
  • Spiritual Practitioners
  • Musicians

Question 2: Who Doesn't This Work For?

Over the last 10 years we have tracked patterns and types of prospects that do NOT get results. Here is what we have determined they have in common.

  • They are looking to hack everything. 
  • They prefer putting their focus and energy on their story and drama over change and improvement
  • They don’t have any idea of what they want to do or what to be an expert at
  • They invest in the program, show up for the first week and disappear
  • They attempt to juggle 2-3 programs and coaches simultaneously vs. putting all of their efforts into one thing
  • They are quick to mention how all of the programs, coaches or products haven't worked before
  • They don't follow the simple instructions
  • They believe that they are a special case and the process can’t work for their situation

Question 3: What Can The Action Group Do For Me?

The Elevation Action Group is designed to help members get measurable results. You will...

  • Develop both a long term vision and clear, short-term step-by-step plan of action
  • Create a marketing plan and messages that resonate with you, attracts your ideal clients AND is sustainable for you 
  • Determine where to focus your effort to gain the most impact and income the fastest way possible
  • Create highly-leverage products and services and serve even more people 
  • Connect at a deeper level with your market 
  • Develop your unique voice 
  • Improve your cashflow and your profit margins

Question 4: How Will It Be Delivered?

Training: Every Monday at 6AM, you are given access to the latest training. The training is available as a video, mp3 audio and PDF depending on which you perfer. 

Action Steps: Each week a downloadable resource and an assignment is provided as a pdf. The assignment is designed to be completed within the following 72 hours - because Growth Loves Speed of Action.

Accountability: Every Wednesday by Noon Eastern, you will submit your Weekly Action Seet. This short form should take no more than 5-7 minutes to complete. Any specific questions you would like addressed on the following call can be asked there. This keeps you accountable to YOUR goals.

Community: You will have access to an online forum where you can post your questions, get and give feedback of other members and access your mentor. We strive to answer your questions within 2 business days. Most questions are answered within 1-4 hours.

LIVE, Weekly Group Coaching Session: Beyond the online group forum, there is a 45 - 90 minute audio/visual online session every week on Thursdays. Every member is encouraged to attend. Questions are answered in a first-come, first-served basis to those who attend LIVE. We record weekly calls and post them online in an archive for those who choose to not attend live.

All Access:

  • 10 Weekly Training Sessions Delivered as Videos, Audios and Texts
  • 10 Weekly Assignments Geared on Practical Growth
  • 10 Weeks of Active Work on Self & Business
  • 10 Weekly LIVE Q & A Calls
  • 10 Weeks Group-Level access to Your Coach
  • Extended Access to Online Forum
  • Extended Access to Training Materials

Note: This is not a 1-1 coaching program, rather we are using the power of group dynamics to expand each participant beyond their current belief structures, their limitations and open them up to perspectives, feedback and encouragement from the group mentor as well as from each other.

Question 5: What Should I Expect?

To get the very most out of this program, You, the Active Participant, can...

  • Expect results in proportion to your efforts & actions 
  • Expect to invest 2-5 more hours a week specifically on growth of your business 
  • Expect to participate in the online community and attend LIVE, online weekly sessions 
  • Expect to ask any and all questions within the group whenever they arise 
  • Expect confidentiality within the group 
  • Expect intense focus on your growth 
  • Expect exponential growth in proportion to your internal clarity 
  • Expect transformation of your mind and your potential 
  • Expect clarity of your future and finances 
  • Expect your market influence & impact to grow significantly 
  • Expect your voice to become more powerful & magnetic 
  • Expect to do intensive work to get new results 
  • Expect to be a little uncomfortable as you are doing new things 
  • Expect to create RESULTS with your diligent work

Get The Help You Need Now by enrolling in the complete 10 Week Action Group for Only $4,997

Elevation Pre-Launch Enrollment $997 ($1,000 Savings) 


Apply for 6 months no payments, no interest. Subject to credit approval. 

Watch What Students Are Saying About Completing Our Programs & How They Have Impacted Their Lives & Businesses

Hundreds of people have enrolled in our media and message programs. Thousands have taken our training since 2010.

Question 6: When Does The Program Begin?

The Elevation 10 Week Action Group begins right now, today

This course is in constant motion. Members are active and are here to help motivate, welcome and help you become even more accountable to your goals right away.

Queston 7: What Is Covered In The 10 Weeks of Action?


Week 1: The Foundation

Few programs take the time to help you recognize and honor your past achievements and challenges as well as uncover both your present, personal inventory and your entrepreneurial assets like your programs, training, lists, influence, and potential partnerships. 

Facing your past and giving new meaning to your present is an integral key that helps you determine where to focus your effort for the maximum alignment with who you are at your core and what you will create to achieve deeper fulfillment.

Week 2: Defining Outcomes & Designing Futures

Once you acknowledge your past, and identify the truth of your current situation, you will more clearly define your desired outcomes and what work is necessary between now and your desired future. This is where we use the “cut-to-the-chase” technique. 

We use powerful Futuring™ tools to future-forward your ideas and plan from the future to the now in reverse order. 

Members state that they feel even more awakened to a new vision and clarity on where they are going and develop a definiteness of purpose

Take ownership of your present and claim your future. Become sold out completely to YOU and create clear steps to get you there.

Members reveal that many of the goals they once thought were important were never their goals in the first place; they were the goals and projections others had placed on them!  

Sorting out your future in week 2 will help you move from a state of frustration to a state of fulfillment. 

We help you see the long term life of fulfillment that will guide you in your future decisions and focus. 

These exercises will give you the foresight to save months, years and decades by focusing on the ONE THING. Now that you are in alignment with what will bring you self-fulfillment, you can move from confusion and survival to focusing specifically on your Life's Work that brings you more and more fulfillment.

Week 3: Clarifying Your Vision & Choosing Your Mission

Imagine your name synonymous with the results and the mission you have in life. Your name becoming the power behind the brand. 

You can be the leader that attracts the best clients by holding to a powerful vision where most in your market chase the hot trend of the month. 

This week we discover the ONE THING that you are all about. 

A minority of entrepreneurs hold to a Vision that drives their Mission and gives them a solid Purpose of FULFILLMENT in life. Those who do, rule the world. 

Your defined Mission, Vision and Purpose builds your conviction which fuels your persistence that creates any and every result in life. 

To increase your influence, people must know that you stand for something with unwavering fortitude. The way to develop this is by uncovering it within you. 

This week marks the end of your wandering and sets you on a defined course of action that you consciously determine.  

Week 4: Communicating The Vision

Now, from your newly crafted inner clarity, knowing who you are, what you want, where you are going and what your Mission, Vision and Purpose are in the world, we will develop a message with utter conviction; one that is uniquely yours.  

This week we will be creating Clear, Compelling, Concise and Congruent messages that give you and your businesses the advantage by developing the final and most important "C"; Conviction.  

Without exception, EVERY successful and fulfilled member of this program have one thing in common and that is that they have developed the highest level of conviction for why they do what they do and what they choose to offer the world.  

They fall in love with the process, facing their demons and overcoming the challenges. Those who avoid the work or challenges cannot grow past that piece to find fulfillment. There are no shortcuts. 

Having crystal clarity will make communicating, marketing, selling and serving with excellence come naturally because it is YOU, the real YOU that has been burried for decades.

Social Media

Week 5: Conversational Selling

Many sales coaches will say that getting 20% -25% "closing rate" on your calls is standard. That equates to helping 2-4 people for every 10 conversations you have. What happens to the other 6-8 people that you educated through your marketing efforts and whom have reached out for your help but you cannot serve? They keep looking elsewhere or think that they can get the result you talk about all on their own. 

If you are getting the calls or sales conversations, but you are not collecting payments and getting new members, students, clients or customers from a minimum of 50%-75% of those conversations, we will develop your sales conversation and your offerings to sell as close to 100% of your calls as possible. 

Those people are raising their hand saying they need help; they are calling you! How will you find ways to help even more of them? We will show you how.

We believe in and teach natural-feeling conversations rather than memorizing high-pressure sales scripts.

Week 6: Perfecting Your Offers

We firmly believe in serving as many people as effectively as possible. Only having premium offers of $5,000 to $50,000 and up are fantastic, and we recommend having one or two, yet understand that when you only have premium offers, your exclusivity is leaving the majority of people out; people who reached out asking for your help because they sincerely need it. 

We understand that we live in a global economy, and recognize that much of the world doesn't operate on the same Western economic scale. This is why we recommend and teach the 10X model and offering the right product, to the right person, at the right time, at the right price. 


Week 7: Time Compression & Leverage 

This is where it gets exciting! We'll be maximizing your time-for-money equation. 

When you can separate your income from time, your world opens up. This week we will look at your results thus far and determine what can be cut, what can be streamlined and what we can amplify. We will revisit your goals and adjust. We'll look at any steps that are no longer necessary and see where your time is best invested. 

We will also find the time bandits and eradicate them as well as the confusion that they create. By this point, we want to see more of your products and service promoted and sold.

Week 8: Magnetic Marketing & Promotion

Because you have developed your Mission, Vision & Purpose, your message will begin to emerge even more clearly before you. You will know how to talk about your programs with ease. Marketing will become an effortless process of communicating who you are, what you offer, who you've helped and sharing that you are open for business to help even more people. 

Your message will become magnetic because you have now defined who you are, where you are going, how you can best serve people and that you are choosing to be seen as the leader in your market. 

You will also learn to be consistent with your marketing, messages and themes. Doing this will help you attract and connect more deeply with the top 10% of action takers. 

create content

Week 9: Organic Client Attraction

This week we put into practice between 2-5 of the 47 organic strategies Matthew covers in his Amazon Bestselling book. 

You will choose sources and strategies you will implement to get your new, clear message out in front of even more people. This holds the potential of exponentially increasing your sales and revenue. 

Whether you are marketing online or offline, locally or globally, if you love presenting to crowds or 1:1, discover both inexpensive and free strategies for you. 

Matthew will even show you exactly how he went from selling a $197 program to generating $131,411 in new revenue within 60 days to a list of 63 people! This is something you can move forward on immediately.

Week 10: Launching & Growth

If you have not launched by week 7, you are going to go LIVE to the world this week! 

This is an action group, not a club where we talk about fictitious strategies. If you have launched, you will review your results and tweak them, cut the losses, get even more clear on your marketing and offers and get your influence and income up.

This is where we wrap up and complete our projects and look at next steps.


Just Imagine, finally putting an end to...

Now, start visualizing

  • wandering around lost for years and wondering what to do next 
  • jumping from one “specialty” to the next 
  • wasting money on unnecessary programs and training 
  • being confused on what to post or video 
  • having awkward sales calls that keep you broke 
  • incongruence between who you are and what you offer 
  • fear about your future finances 
  • being stuck in the solopreneur loop, never moving up
  • Attracting people to you naturally 
  • Becoming a voice of influence 
  • Doing things your way 
  • Your name being synonymous with the results you bring 
  • Having conviction for what you do 
  • Always being open for business 
  • Knowing exactly what you are selling 
  • Having clearly-defined, high profit margin offers 
  • Enjoying the delivery of what you offer 
  • Having confidence in what you sell over the phone 
  • Following your plan for what you want to create 
  • Having a congruent message across all of your media 
  • Know that every day you are moving forward to one outcome that you defined 

We are here to help YOU find even more financial success and fulfillment in your entrepreneurial life. Join us.

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"Do the Work, Get the Result" Money Back Guarantee

We believe so strongly in the tremendous value of this program that we offer a completion-based money back guarantee. What does this mean?

If for some reason you complete all 10 weeks of the program and you do not clearly see the positive changes in your entrepreneurial life, your clarity of your message, your outlook and newfound love for what you are doing nor do you see that you are on your way to creating a life of fulfillment, submit a written request via email for a full refund. We'll check to be sure you've done the work.

When our clients do the work, they get the results. Just as you expect your clients to do the work necessary to get the result, we ask that you perform by the same standard. We cannot teach you to get results in areas you are not willing to do the work yourself.

About Your Coach

Matthew J Peters is a world-renowned online business coach and marketing mentor who focuses on helping independent entrepreneurs and business owners stand out, become known as a preeminent voice in their field by becoming clear on internal communication, external marketing messages and public presence.  

Matthew started training online in 2010 with a $47 info-product showing independent entrepreneurs and small business owners how to create effective marketing videos with iPhones. 

In 2014 Matthew focused on challenging the standard of the internet marketing industry by establishing his agency focusing on authority & syndication.

Matthew is also an Emmy-Winning film Director and Communication Strategist focused on ethical and truthful marketing and has been featured in dozens of entrepreneurial podcasts, in business books and international magazines.  

In 2016 Matthew was awarded his University's Alumni of the Year for his ongoing contribution to teaching and coaching on clear and effective communication.

Matthew has the heart of a teacher and the one thing that drives him to serve is seeing good people succeeding and finding fulfillment in how they serve the world.

Matthew J Peters

Watch What Others Say About Working with Matthew J Peters

The videos we created have helped to make me over 6 figures in a month within 30 days of making them. They were an integral part of creating my branding message. Your expertise made the process simple, fun and professional.”

Declan Barnett

Matthew is the mentor that supported me in the launch of my mission so powerfully into the world in order to serve the lives that were waiting for the message that I was granted to steward in this life; a message that before working with Matthew, I had no idea how to give a structured voice to

Through his support and honest feedback I found that I had a blockage of delivering my mission powerfully. I was shocked to find out that this unnoticed blockage had my message scattered all over the place.”

Ivonne Delaflor

“If you're not implementing video into your business right now or you have few views, and you want to turn views into paying clients, then Matthew is the guy to go to. 

I have people reach out to me and say, "Simon, I watched your videos, and that's the reason I hired you." Big thank you to Matthew Peters; he rocks! I look forward to working with him again soon.”

Simon Lovell

"This has been a life changing journey for me, my students, and many other important people in my life. Thank you for helping me work out my feelings, intuition and dreams into a reality. The changes are now in motion and have impacted many lives profoundly and positively, and this is just the beginning!"

Diana Rowan

I felt like I was being weak; a week leader, a weak trainer, a weak mentor. Matthew really holds you to the fire, he pushes you. He doesn’t put up with mediocrity

I just held an event and from what I learned from Matthew, I over-delivered so much, and came through so powerfully, that I’m going to hold another one for 10 times the cost of the first one! 30 spots and 12 people already signed up! Eight of those people were from the [event I just held]! And this is just my second event!"

Michael Gebben

“I started working with Matthew because of his integrity and the way I see him show up in both life and business. Right away I felt just how much he cares about me and the other people he coaches. I've worked with handfuls of coaches and taken lots of programs over the years and it wasn't until my 8 weeks with Matthew that I started taking the radical action and getting the result I always wanted. And I mean ACTION--the kind that's a little scary but that you do anyways. 

I took more action in 6 weeks working with Matthew than I did in the last 6 months in my business

I never felt judged and I always felt excited to move forward. You know when people say..."He's the real deal!"!?...that statement stands with Matthew. He really is. I feel appreciative and amped up after working with him--ready to continue to show up and kick butt!” 

Libby Crow

"Working with Matthew Peters has renewed my faith in an industry which has lost its heart of what service, results and a personal experiences were built on. 

Not only does Matthew genuinely listen, he cares and then gives you tangible and realistic strategies to implement. 

His ability to laser focus and hone in on exactly what I needed (not some generic cookie cutter response that in the past left me frustrated and going nowhere). His sensibility and sensitivity to get to the core of my challenges was exactly what I had been asking for. "

Sarah-Jane Farrell

"The confession video I did was huge for me, personally and professionally. So many people reached out to me and commented on that [video] and have invited me out to speak! It was a big relief to get that off my chest personally, and to get the motivation to take things to the next level… so I really got the push to take things to the next level, and I’m really excited on what is going to transpire now."

Jessica Louise Li

Get The Help You Need Now by enrolling in the complete 10 Week Action Group for Only $4,997

Elevation Pre-Launch Enrollment $997 ($1,000 Savings)

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