CEO & Founder of Asynd Inc.

Academy Award winner and two-time Amazon best-selling author, Matthew J. Peters helps business owners and elite-level entrepreneurs become the Preeminent Voice in their space. His strategies focus on clear messaging with compelling calls to action that attracting the top 10% of the market with strategic video, new media, printed books and magazines.

His clients learn how to amplify their know, like, and trust as the preeminent authority powerfully and with integrity. Preeminence attracts, it is followed fanatically and is admired by peers and competitor alike. Building omnipresence with a centrally-focused messages that connect with the individual allows the entrepreneur to expand their reach, expose their products and services to worldwide markets and increase revenue through dynamic exposure.

Matthew’s formal background in filmmaking and intuition for client attraction position him as the go-to person for those who desire an omnipresent brand and message. In addition to his skills in film and marketing, Matthew is an avid podcaster with his daily radio show Preeminence, published author and has been featured on dozens of business blogs, podcasts and in international magazines.

Matthew’s mission of creating legacies that elevate humanity to an even more brilliant place is reflected in the work he does with his clients as well as in the way he lives his life. When he’s not creating or working with clients, you can find Matthew investing time in his family, working on his upcoming documentary film (The United State of Mind), writing music, working on his next screenplay and enjoying the simple pleasures of coastal life.

Matthew’s Latest Book:
More Clients Today: 47 Free & Cheap Premium Client Sources & The Simple Strategies to Get Even More Clients Starting Today Amazon.com

Get your next client today by applying one of the 47 different sources described in this book. Do you feel as though getting new clients, customers, students, members, patients or donors is getting more expensive and difficult? Do you feel like you are living in the shadow of your competition? Never again be concerned about where your next client will come from or about what your competition is doing. By implementing these premium client sources you will join the top 1% of your market and have more than enough clients to draw from. Matthew J Peters shows both seasoned marketing professionals and entrepreneurial newbies how to find and attract buyers and investors in premium programs and services you offer. Don’t go after cold leads, attract prospects committed to their success. Investing in this book will give you simple yet powerful strategies and tactics to create multiple streams of clients. In short, learn to attract and connect with buyers who are the perfect fit for your premium products and services.

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Matthew offers individual coaching, organizational consulting, speaking, group training online and live and regularly holds 1-Day Seminars & 3-Day Workshops.