1-1 Media & Messaging Coaching

1-1 Media & Messaging Coaching with Matthew J Peters

Coaching with Emmy Award Winning Director, Matthew J Peters, will help you

  • Identify your desired outcome with crystal clarity
  • Create a solid strategy using media, web properties and other tools to get your name recognized and trusted by even more prospects in the marketplace
  • Communicate your ultimate value and authority as a preeminent in your field
  • Attract and retain qualified prospects and convert them to clients that you enjoy serving
  • Create media and products that are in alignment with your ideal customers
  • Focus on short-term wins in alignment with lasting legacy and tremendous value and elegance at all levels

DURATION OF 1-1 Media and Messaging Coaching

Minimum recommended time to work together is 3 months.

  • 3 Months meeting once a week for up to one hour, either in-person at Connect Bradenton or via Skype or Zoom if more convenient.

Best and highly recommended length of time to work together to build a strong foundation and have your media implemented, tested well underway is 6 months, meeting once a week either in-person at Connect Bradenton, via Skype or Zoom.

  • If additional time or services are desired, we can discuss it separately
  • This is a customized coaching program and not a product or done-for-you service


  • My 1-1 coaching fees are $497 for those just choosing one single hour of my time in diagnosing and strategizing for them. If you choose an hour-by-hour basis coaching four times a month, the total for a month would be $1,988/month.

Exclusive Offer:

  • OPTION 1: When you commit to this work for a minimum of 3 months, coaching would be only $900/month for 4, 60-minute, 1-1 sessions. (a savings of $1,088/month)
  • OPTION 2: When you commit for a full 6 months, coaching is only $750/month* for 4, 60-minute, 1-1 sessions. (a savings of $1,238/ month)
    • *10% in additional savings for a single payment for 6 month coaching and mentoring via check or direct deposit.
    • *NEW: When you pay for 6 months in advance, I will also include 1 day of production work for up to 8 hours in the Connect Bradenton studio and/or any other manatee county location. In that day we will create multiple videos that you can easily edit, put into your online funnel and/or post to your social media channels.

*This is an private offer and not offered publically.


What you will need to commit to:

  • Meeting once a week for up to 60-minutes at Connect Bradenton or via Skype/Zoom at a time we mutually agree upon. Each week you schedule the day and time in my calendar that works best for your schedule.
  • Notify me in writing (email or text) if you can’t make the appointment. You can reschedule when you give me a 48 hour notice. Meetings can be made-up as far out as 2 weeks after the scheduled completion of the program.
  • Doing the work. Keep moving forward no matter what – even if at times it feels like it is slow-going.
  • Keeping current with payments


We will adjust if and when needed.

  • STAGE 1
    • Identify your current status and assets
    • Define your short term and long term goals 
  • STAGE 2
    • Assemble a strategy that gets you to the goals as quickly as possible
    • Clarify your voice and message
    • Brand and message continuity
    • Elevate your online presence 
  • STAGE 3
    • Implementation of content strategies
    • On camera presence
    • Produce marketing videos, funnel, ads, follow through email sequence, free offer media
  • STAGE 4
    • Website adjustments and additions
    • Review results and determine what is working and what needs adjustment
    • Refine approaches to increase effectiveness
    • Monitor funnel for opt-in and conversion and engagement

Each stage will be adjusted to meet your speed of growth. It may very well go faster depending on your implementation or we can take as much time as you need. If during the time allotted we move past these stages, we can continue to develop additional steps (additional funnels, automated webinars, events, podcasts, etc.)

The most important is that you do what you love, keep focused on what you are best at and that it serves your market and community to your potential.

I sincerely desire to see you serve the most people possible with your experience and skills. Those skills and passions for what you do will be transferred to even more people through the media you create. I’m willing to invest myself into helping you in accomplishing your goals.

I will be here to assist and support you during our time working together. Email me any questions about this document at asyndnet@gmail.com

To your mission,


Matthew J Peters
Asynd Inc.

Phone: 941.877.2980